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We live by our values

1. The product - our identity

With expertise and passion, we pave our customers’ paths to successfully build tomorrow’s technology.

2. Our strong point - motivated employees

We rely on the drive and commitment of our employees, who are always willing to accept change and improvements and do so with great enthusiasm.

3. Our mode of operation - dynamic, innovative and goal-oriented

We develop an ideal solution for any problem. Our employees’ know-how and idealism guarantee our customers well-engineered products. These dynamics and our love of experimentation will continue to drive our company ahead.

4. Inspiring our customers with excellent products

Our customers take centre stage in everything we do. We want to convince them with our outstanding services and our personal commitment.

5. Accepting responsibility - the key to success

Employees have the right and duty to make decisions and accept responsibility. Making mistakes is a right of the competent; those who are willing to accept change and revisions!

6. Our basic principle - Christian ethics

The company is shaped by the beliefs of the founding family, which are embedded in Christianity. Our actions are therefore defined by candour, honesty, trust and fairness.

7. The journey is the reward - promising future

We intend for HOLZ automation to remain a group of positive-thinking idealists, who refuse to accept the impossible with the utmost persistence.


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