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Being “different”

1. Different from other special machine manufacturers

HOLZ automation - 65 employees from Backnang. In recent years we have designed and built special machinery for well-known automobile manufacturers in the region along with their suppliers, and in doing so have sustainably increased our customers’ productivity.

Special machinery made by HOLZ reliably fulfils its duties worldwide. Our objective is to be different from other special machine builders. We want to collaborate differently with our customers, build different special machinery, different and better!

2. Different because with our train of thought, the solution comes before the offer

New customers are surprised - by how we approach their problems. Technical description is the magic word. We use it to describe your problem, outline approaches, simulate your process and your future special machine. Yes, we can tell you which increases in productivity can be achieved.

All of this free of charge to you. And then: we can provide you with the manufacturing cost of your special machine. Down to the exact EURO - that’s how trust is built.

3. Different in our way of approaching your problems

Our technology description will also impress you. We collectively get things started once commissioned. Experience our project management system. We didn’t invent it, but we apply it consistently. Corporate groups and big corporations were the driving factor. We optimised and improved it for our company as a special machine builder over the years, continuously incorporating our customers’ requirements.

With this tool we ensure the structure for the entire development and production process of your special machine, guaranteeing you performance, quality, delivery date and price.

4. Different in enthusiasm and commitment

We work on solving your problem in 5 phases: Definition, design, procurement, production, realisation, implementation. Our comprehensive engineering know-how comes into play. At the same time, at our company we rely on “old pros” and technical experts who “think outside the box”.

Together, they create brilliant solutions in close collaboration with our customers. Solutions which will also impress you. At the same time, our project management system defines relevant gateways at our company and to you, our customers. Transparency takes centre stage.

5. Different because we can relate to our customers’ needs

Our customers have customers. We build special machinery so your company can respond to the new requirements on the market and ultimately, earn money. Safely and reliably.

If your customers are satisfied, then you’re satisfied, and then we’re satisfied. That’s how easy working together in a partnership can be. Many of our customers are “repeat offenders” in terms of purchasing special machinery from HOLZ. This confirms to us - our philosophy is pointing us in the right direction.

6. Different because of our multilayer industrial and technological expertise

Our engineers and technicians can associate with the processes. Being familiar with various industrial sectors and their production requirements helps, reduces the coordinating processes and ensures reliability.

For years now, HOLZ automation has felt at home in many industries; our core area being automation. Hence the name HOLZ automation! Currently, using the latest technologies is popular when investing in a special machine. Some call it machine construction 2.0. We are rising to these challenges with our staff, for our customers. We are showing our full potential as Swabian innovative spirits and inventors.

7. We are different...

Different but Swabian.


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