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Guarantees - we keep what we promise:

We at HOLZ automation are able to give you guarantees. This due to a precise technical description as a result of the creative phase. In close collaboration with you and your company we specified the following:

Definition of the problem, compilation of approaches, process simulation, possible increase in productivity, required level of quality.

Based on this, we calculate the following:

Manufacturing costs

We are able to calculate the manufacturing costs early on, since we clearly defined the project. Of course we are also able to be flexible and respond to changing requirements.

Project duration

We keep our eye on the project duration from the very beginning. Our project management system works reliably. All employees and suppliers involved are aware of the urgency.


For you, the most important thing is the end result. The productivity of a special machine defines its profitability. We are familiar with complex processes and know what machinery by HOLZ automation can accomplish.


Speed on the one side, quality on the other. We ponder, bank on innovative technologies, or on extremely reliable ones. Always in the best interest of solving your problem.


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