We all have to face challenges

The (working) world is undergoing change – and we are convinced: those who do not adapt to the changes will be left behind sooner or later. The requirements and guidelines for production and work procedures, safety, data protection, efficiency and prices were never as stringent or high as today. The challenges are huge – in all sectors!

But, there are solutions – and one of the solutions is “automation”.

Automation is the key to the smooth, efficient, safe, and modern implementation of work processes. We have an eye here on your complete production, from incoming goods to goods issue. After all, in every process step machines can take over important processes and make our life a lot easier.

As specialists for automation, we offer you cross-sector advice and take you along with us into the world offered by automation.

Product manufacturing?

The design of your product is complete. Production can begin. But, up to now, manufacturing has been predominantly manual with a few auxiliary stations at the most? We will change this for you!

We will design and construct the system exactly as you need for your new product!

Automated work?

Wherever numerous manual workplaces exist, unnecessary and expensive idle times can slow down the production processes. The solution: work is automated.

We will supply you with the appropriate automation solutions.

Everything still manual?

Your production is completely manual, and you need encouragement to take a step in direction automation? That’s our job!

Whether semi-automatic or fully automatic – we can show you the opportunities and diversity in the world of automation solutions.

“I still don't need so much automation”!

You already have precise notions, but do not need full automation to realise them? You have run-up phases, but not enough in-house production depth? No problem! We focus on what matters.

Whether semi-automated or a step-by-step increase in the degree of automation – no musts, only cans!!

Work steps are nerve-wracking?

The constant repetition of work steps drives you crazy? Understandable! The solution: these work steps can be taken over by a machine without any problems.

We will help you to implement this.

Room for development in data utilisation?

Reliable data collection and utilisation helps you to quickly find faults in the processes, to continuously optimise production processes and to make optimum use of traceability.

We will help you in this area to get the most out of your production.

Physical stress?

Numerous work steps in many sectors place a burden on the human body because they are not optimised ergonomically. This can make you sick.

A machine can also support you here – we will construct the right ones for you.

Work safety improvement?

Certain work operations have a high risk of injury. The solution: automation reduces this risk considerably.

We will make your workplace safer.

Overcoming challenges?

Some sectors have to meet particularly stringent requirements. Their observance steals valuable time from other areas, for example nursing patients in the health sector.

We will show you how such challenges can be overcome through automation.


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    Why HOLZ?

    The answer is simple: because WE will find the solution to your problem.

    At HOLZ, we have been successfully automating production at our customers for half a century. For a long time now, our focus is no longer solely on the automobile sector. There are so many other branches that seek solutions to urgent challenges. Many of these challenges can be overcome with automation. This is where we come into play!

    HOLZ invents and constructs machines. Automation is our passion – and the solution to YOUR problem is our next important task.

    Working together with HOLZ means: we do not give up until you say “yes, that’s exactly what I need, that’s the solution that I was looking for”.

    Just call us so that we start off together.

    We look forward to seeing you.

    Yours Jürgen Holz
    Managing Director HOLZ automation

    Jürgen Holz | HOLZ automation - Sondermaschinen
    Jürgen Holz | HOLZ automation - Sondermaschinen




    How you can work with us

    Preparation of concept

    The customer describes his problem. We prepare a complete implementation solution including target specification and accompany the customer in an advisory role over the entire period. Following this, the customer has the right to reallocate the order for the implementation of our solution to someone else.

    The customer requests an automated special solution from us. We then prepare a relevant concept for the customer. We work out various elements, such as target specification, cycle time analysis, work processes and preference lists, e.g., for suppliers or components. With this concept, the customer has the right to request the special solutions we designed in an uncomplicated manner and perfectly prepared from other manufacturers.
    Development project

    The customer is confronted by the task of finding an automation solution for an application. We will develop a tailored solution and introduce the customer to it. The customer is enthusiastic and only then can he adopt this solution and put it into practice.

    Our customer is looking for an automation solution for a safer and more efficient work process – but such a solution does not exist yet on the market! This is no deterrent to us, but rather a welcome challenge: we say Yes, this can be done automatically. So, we develop a concrete solution in this project together with the customer.
    Consultation and implementation workshop

    The customer intends to optimise his processes and sequences. We provide advice, show him the opportunities and solutions, and accompany him during the implementation. We will also gladly hold workshops for employees and thus help to anchor the necessary steps in the company in the right places.

    For our customer, we have prepared a stock-check of his current process: our experts analysed all processes and procedures in detail, developed concrete improvement suggestions based on this and introduced them to the customer. Since our concepts met with approval, we support the customer in the meantime with the implementation of our improvement suggestions, for example, through workshops for employees, rearrangement of different machine storing position, more efficient organisation of walking routes – and a lot more.

    Individual development and implementation of special purpose machines

    The customer is confronted with strict requirements and guidelines for his production and makes contact with us. We develop exactly the machine that allows the customer to meet these special requirements and guidelines. The greater the challenge, the better!

    Our customer had to satisfy different and, in part, new requirements for his production. The requirements should be met by automated assembly. In the first step, we developed a concrete concept and implemented this in the next step – design. After we decided ourselves on the manufacture of components required specifically for production, the machine was set up in our assembly hall. In the last project step, we programmed the system with its software and put it into operation without any hitches. The project was a great success for all of those involved.

    Customer Opinions

    Due to your high flexibility and the professional handling over the entire project duration, it was possible to implement this project so smoothly. Starting with the planning phase, the design, the test setups, the assembly and the commissioning, the implementation was outstandingly successful. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you very much for your great commitment and the perfect cooperation during this project.

    We are looking forward to further projects with you and HOLZ.

    The digital machine pre-acceptance with HOLZ automation was super prepared and we were able to complete it successfully. We receive a machine from HOLZ in perfect condition with super availability – great praise to the entire HOLZ team.
    Great cooperation during the project phase, super service and always available – many thanks for that. At HOLZ automation, one or the other mechanical engineer can still learn something when it comes to the topic of “customer service”!
    I would like to thank you for your years of reliability and support. You have always been an important building block in my projects and have always worked towards success. Thank you for the countless hours we have spent. I have enjoyed it at all times. I will always remember HOLZ as an “exceptional supplier” and will recommend you anytime in good conscience.
    The others do the standard. HOLZ automation loves the challenge and can also turn it into great automation and special solutions.

    *We would be pleased to introduce you to our well-known customers in a personal meeting.


    Get in touch with us

    Tell us about your problems and visions for the future. We love challenges. We find a solution.


    How it came about…


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    Mit dem Laden des Videos akzeptieren Sie die Datenschutzerklärung von Vimeo.
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    After you have seen our company video on 50 years HOLZ automation at the latest, you will know: the human factor is central to HOLZ – we do everything with fun and pleasure. Our motto is: we focus on the human being. Behind all of these challenges, there are always human beings whose task it is to find the best solution.

    We want to share our extensive know-how with you, which we have built up in the area of automation and special machine construction for many decades. We don’t want to keep it for ourselves but want to help many other people, with the use of automation, to produce and work even more efficiently, safer, healthier, and more successfully – to meet the challenges of today’s world and the future.

    After all, we can not only build special purpose machines but offer other tremendous solutions and services.

    Feel free to contact us.
    Because the solution to your problem is really only a call away 😊

    Additional information: www.holz-automation.de

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