Interdisciplinary know-how unites to form concentrated competence:

Our employees, numbering over 75, combine knowledge and experience of a very wide variety of specialisations and thus possess the outstanding competencies that benefit our customers. With this background, we do not shy away from any challenge. We always work transparently and with guaranteed success.

50 year of experience

HOLZ automation – from Backnang in Swabia out into the wide world. In the last few decades, we have designed and built special purpose machines for reputable automobile manufacturers in the region, their suppliers and beyond, and have thus increased the productivity of our customers in a sustainable manner.

Special purpose machines made by HOLZ perform their service reliably all over the world. We have set out to operate in a different way from other special machine manufacturers. People are our focal point, we communicate and work on a level playing field, we think terms of solutions and not in problems, and we have satisfied, committed employees who, with regard to technology, act not only in the here and now but are already ready for the day after tomorrow.

As already mentioned, we want to be different… and better as a result!

Extensive knowledge of the sector

»Du bisch a Käpsele« – »You’re an ingenious little guy« is what a Swabian says when he recognises a wizard. And we think that our employees are geniuses because our engineers and technicians think in terms of processes and are completely familiar with an extremely wide range of sectors and their production requirements. Employees who know this also know the challenges and the correct contact persons. This shortens co-ordination processes and minimises the risk of errors considerably.

We bring along concentrated engineering know-how. We can do this because we have both “old stagers” as well as technical lateral thinkers on board who perfectly complement each other.

Developed by HOLZ, set in stone – HPPQ summarises what is important to us:

Manufacturing costs

We are able to determine the production costs in an early phase because we set clear limits and definitions for the project. Of course, we can still react flexibly to changing requirements.

Project duration

We keep a close eye on the project duration right from the start. With our highly motivated project managers, you always have a competent contact person in our company who focuses on your project with regard to costs and deadlines.


All investors need ROI – the productivity of a special purpose machine defines its cost-effectiveness. We are familiar with complex processes and know what a machine from HOLZ automation can produce. We therefore always have the ROI in mind and know what you can expect.


Speed on the one hand, quality on the other. Innovation and reliability do not need to be mutually exclusive – on the contrary. We weigh up and meter both of these to ensure that you obtain the best possible result – always in the interest of your problem solution.

Zertifikat ISO-9001-2015 DE
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